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My name is Brian Freeman and I am the merger. Now you may be asking yourself can he be a little bit more specific? The merger for what? Well , to answer your questions I am the merger between hip-hop and Christianity. Since the creation of hip-hop/rap there has been a constant divide between itself and Christianity. I believe the reason for this is the negative connotation and ora that most hip-hop music is known to have. Now don't get me wrong there are quite a bit of Christian artists that would fit in more of a country, rock or traditional gospel genre, but not many that would be categorized as Christian hip-hop artists. 


This is where I come in as the merger because I am the perfect blend between the streets and the church. I am the solution to this divide because I have been a part of both worlds. Areas you would classify as being dangerous I have called home and a lifestyle that you would only see depicted in a gangster movie I have lived. There is an upside to this horror story and that is that I've changed. About seven years ago I found God or better yet he rescued me from the road of destruction. I dedicated my life to Jesus and since  I've been living a righteous and law abiding life. Now I am an associate pastor at my church as well as a Christian hip-hop artists. I create  music that ministers the positive message of the gospel, intertwined with the lingo and sound of the hip hop culture. 


I produce, write,record, mix and master my music as well as music for others. I recently released my third studio album LWV3 and I am also working on my third mixtape. I have also done multiple tours in Canada and Jamaica and I am in the process of putting together a nationwide tour that stretches across the south from California to Florida which is known as the Bible Belt. Anyone that has ever worked with me knows that I am what you would call a workaholic. So any new colleagues can expect to work with an ambitious, relentless, perfectionist that goes the extra mile, thinks outside the box, and doesn't stop until the job is done. 




Living Water Productions, 6785981839




BRIAN FREEMAN, 6785981839



Living Water Productions, 6785981839

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